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About Us

Who we are and what we believe in.

Right in the heart of Southeast Asia lies a land of cultural and linguistic diversity - Malaysia.

It is home to over more than 300 students here in Houghton Street, London. At the LSE, we are proud to have a vibrant community of Malaysians as diverse but as united as we are despite our distance from home. The LSESU Malaysia Club presents itself to its members as an organization for all Malaysians and anyone who is interested in learning about our home in Southeast Asia.

We aim to promote the Malaysian culture to all students of the LSE and to the wider UK community. Most importantly, being a service club,  we strive to strengthen national unity among Malaysians at the LSE and in the UK by bringing home a little closer to all of our members.

At LSESU Malaysia Club, there is always a place for you.

People Centred. Career Focused. Culture Based.

We hold strongly to the 3 main pillars of the society, organizing a variety of initiatives to strengthen, empower and celebrate the diverse Malaysian community at the LSE.




Our people-centric events and initiatives strive to and bring together the community at LSE - a home away from home. 

We build upon our club partners and alumni network to empower the Malaysian community in the UK and Malaysia through various career-related initiatives and economic-related forums.

Career Focused



The diversity of our nation is what we are proud of. We celebrate and appreciate these through our cultural events and performances.

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