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the society - both past and present.


Executive Committee 2020/21

Yoon Wei Ling 


Maryam Azamin
Vice President


Aarif Wafeeq


Vinn Jiun Tan


Raziq Kamaruddin
Corporate Relations Director


Chong Shin Wei
Project Director


Sheryl Tee
Project Director


Muhammad Sidqi
Project Director


Isaac Chin
Media and
Communications Director


Tania Rajendran
Sports and
Public Relations Director


Past Executive Committees

Executive Committee


President: Yiyan Lim
Vice President: Grace Yeoh 
Secretary: Hoi Lee Yang 
Treasurer: Yee Shann 
Project Directors: Muhammad Afiq 
                         Jane Ong 
                         Sing Tian 
Corporate Relations Director: Supreedha Iyer 
Sport & Public Relations Director: Aditya Gupta 
Media & Communications Director: Ming Hui 

Back row from left: Muhammad Afiq, Ming Hui, How Lee Yang, Sing Tian, Aditya Gupta, Supreedha Iyer 

Front row from left: Jane Ong, Yiyan Lim, Grace Yeoh, Yee Shann

Executive Committee


President: Joshua Chin
Vice President: Zhou Chen Chee
Secretary: Julia Lim
Treasurer: Zen Yang Ng
Project Directors: Hong Yung Tan
                         Lydia Yeoh
                         Melanie Kho
Corporate Relations Director: Zheng Li Lim
Sport & Public Relations Director: Ting Khai Chuah
Media & Communications Director: Log Ling Lee

Standing from left: Ting Khai Chuah, Hong Yung Tan, Lydia Yeoh, Melanie Kho, Log Ling Lee, Zheng Li Lim

Seated from left: Zen Yang Ng, Zhou Chen Chee, Joshua Chin, Julia Lim

Executive Committee


President: Ruth Sang
Vice President: Serene Au
Secretary: Sie Yin Poh
Treasurer: Wai Jean Koh
Project Directors: Kai Yuan Chang
                         Wan Chi Ng
                         Nicole Tan
Corporate Relations Director: Wen Xin Teh
Sport & Public Relations Director: Gabriel Kwok
Media & Communications Director: Aishen Low

Standing from left: Kai Yuan Chang, Wen Xin Teh, Aishen Low, Wan Chi Ng, Nicole Tan, Gabriel Kwok

Seated from left: Wai Jean Koh, Ruth Sang, Serene Au, Sie Yin Poh

Executive Committee 


President: Joshua Tan Kim Hua
Vice President: Regina Tan Jia Xin
Secretary: Koong Jia Yun
Treasurer: Violet Wong
Project Directors: Ethan Chew
                         Samantha Lim
                         Tiong Suet Wei
Corporate Relations Director: Vincy Bu
Sport & Public Relations Director: Eugenie Kam 
Media & Communications Director: Amanda Yek

Standing from left: Eugenie Kam, Vincy Bu, Ethan Chew, Samantha Lim, Tiong Suet Wei, Amanda Yek

Seated from left: Koong Jia Yun, Joshua Tan, Regina Tan, Violet Wong

Executive Committee

President: Kyle Chan Wei Ren
Vice President: Do Wey Hwang
Secretary: Patricia Ooi Shin Ying
Treasurer: Geraldine Phillip
Project Directors: Eugene Voon Qi Jun
                         Justin Fong Zhen Hou
                         Kimberly Lo Kim Pin
Corporate Relations Director: Tan Ying Xi
Sport & Public Relations Director: Ryan Loke Qi Feng
Media & Communications Director: Chin Jia Jing

Standing from left: Chin Jia Jing, Kimberly Lo, Justin Fong, Ryan Loke, Eugene Voon, Tan Ying Xi

Seated from left: Patricia Ooi, Do Wey Hwang, Kyle Chan, Geraldine Philip

Executive Committee


President: Ivan Wing
Vice President: Ian Tan
Secretary: June Yap Tze Yue
Treasurer: Wong Sue Zann
Project Directors: Sabrina Ahmad
                         Seth Selbaraju
                         Stephanie Lim
Corporate Relations Director: Adam Tiam
Sport & Public Relations Director: Hee Zhi Hui
Media & Communications Director: Tiffany Khoo

Standing from left: Wong Sue Zann, Hee Zhi Hui, Sabrina Ahmad, Stephanie Lim, June Yap, Tiffany Khoo

Seated from left: Adam Tiam, Ian Tan, Ivan Wing, Seth Selbaraju


Junior Executive Committee

Every year, we provide our members the opportunity to be part of a 6-week programme to work with the Executive Committee. The Junior Executive Committee members will be able experience what it's like to be behind the scenes of the society's strategy and events.

JEXCO 2019.jpg

Junior Executive Committee


From top left :

Esther, David, Melody, Azizi, Aanisha

From bottom left :

Sofiah, Raymond, Vernmae, Aina, Khalif 

Junior Executive Committee


Top from left : Wey Hwang Do, Kyle Chan, Eugene Voon, Stanley Ho


Bottom from left : Patricia Ooi, Kimberly Lo,

Geraldine Philip, Ying Xi Tan

Junior Executive Committee


Top from left : Joshua Tan, Syakila Jamel, Vincy Bu, Roshant Ravindran


Bottom from left : Chloe Tan, Jia Yun Koong, Joanna Tan, Violet Wong, Suet Wei Tiong

Junior Executive Committee


Top from left : Kai Yuan Chang, Li Wann Tan, Samuel Tee, Serene Au, Wai Jean Koh


Bottom from left : Wen Xin Teh, Nicole Tan,

Ruth Sang, Ashvinnie

Junior Executive Committee


Left to right: Yik Chi Tan, Sher Min Tan, Joshua Chin, Leon Ng, Sean Lim, Zheng Li Lim, Sandhya Devi, Melanie Kho, Lydia Yeoh

Junior Executive Committee


Top from left : Samuel Tek, Yee Shann Lau, Grace Yeoh, Supreedha Iyer, Jane Ong, Ming Hui Choong, Jonathan Lee


Bottom from left : Le Hao Beh, Roxanne Chew, Julia Loh, Natalie Teoh, Yiyan Lim