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Malaysian Night 2014

We Called That Home, the LSE Malaysia Night 2014, held on 8th of February, was a tremendous success with all tickets selling out and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We Called That Home tells the fictional story of a boy named Andy, who had to live with his abusive uncle and weak-willed aunt after the death of his parents. A hardworking and studious boy, Andy found himself working a part-time job with an unreasonable boss and was often bullied in school due to his autistic younger sister, Christine. The story follows Andy’s journey as he overcomes his resentment for his family and learns to take responsibility for more than himself, all whilst handling a budding teenage romance with his schoolmate, Serena, who happened to be his boss’ daughter.

The usage of media and dance were well incorporated into the show, with projectors depicting flashbacks and videos, while 4 dances were performed to add meaning to the script. A notable mention would be a hip-hop dance that was integrated into the play to depict a robbery scene, with the robbers carrying out the crime via dance. The production also featured an original song, composed and written by Jordan Kho, a LSESU Malaysia Club member and was delivered to a crowd of over 420. We Called That Home was held in LSE’s multi-functional Old Theatre which has seen the likes of Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates. Some in attendance were representatives of Education Malaysia and the High Commission. After the event, international students showed support to LSESU Malaysia Club, with some expressing their interest in visiting Malaysia. The charity of choice this year is Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), which is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to help women and children in Malaysia. A ballpark figure of RM10,000 have been rasied from this event, and would be channelled to their Child Care Centre, who aims to help meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of children who have grown up in abusive households. We would like to express our gratitude to the collective effort of all involved, as this event would not have been made possible without all your help.

A recording of the production has been made available below:


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