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The Amazing Race 2014

On 8th March, with a 15 degree high and no sign of rain, the weather was perfect for a fun-filled day out in London. 12 teams consisting of enthusiastic students from LSE, UCL, Queen Mary and Warwick raced around London in hopes of becoming champions and going home with £100. Everyone gathered at LSE as the starting point, and after instructions were run through, the teams were given their clues and off they went! This year we had 5 stations with challenges ranging from eating a concoction of wasabi and tabasco, to mapping out stalls within Camden Market and performing a dance routine in Trafalgar Square. Alongside the race, teams were given optional challenges to complete which rewarded them time bonuses. Some of these challenges included pole dancing, planking in the tube and spelling out ‘LSE’ with their bodies. Head on to Instagram and search for #lsesumcAR2014 to view some of these pictures and videos for some entertainment! Once it was clear we were heading to the end of the race, the Game Masters headed to the final stop, Buckingham Palace, awaiting the arrival of the first team which would be named champions of this year’s Amazing Race. The first team arrived at 2.27pm and not long after the rest of the teams started to reach the final stop. Although some participants were out of breath by the time they reached the finish line, they were all beaming with satisfaction (or relief) to have completed this race. The results of this year’s Amazing Race are as follows:

1st - FAST FIVE Time taken: 4h 57min + 70 min time bonus

Team members: Low Xiau Fong, Calvin Lim, Germaine Thai, Ho Guang Yi, Ezanie Azman

2nd - UNTOUCHABLES Time taken: 5h 17min + 50 min time bonus

Team members: Nicholas Liew, Pao Zhi Qing, Eric Tan, Muizz Aziz, Bryan Thor

3rd - THE FIVE GUYS Time taken: 5h 10min + 35 min time bonus

Team members: Kaelan Ong, Dakshan Krishnamurthy, Zen Foo, Low Jit Shane

A special thank you to our Station Masters and Trial Run Volunteers! We couldn’t have done it without you.


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