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Welcome, E&Y!

LSE SU Malaysia Club is proud to welcome Ernst and Young as our new Gold Sponsor and Strategic Partner!

Ernst and Young is one of the most reputable and distinguished accounting firms in the world. Their principles and core values revolve around the creation of a better working world through the engagement of bright, like-minded and motivated individuals, whilst providing quality and excellence to their different stakeholders. With the belief in supporting talent and leadership, EY has a strong reputation for being a firm with a warm and supportive working environment. Our partnership with EY will benefit our members, in which you, as a member, will be exposed to opportunities ranging from informal meetings with EY partners, exclusive networking sessions and summer internships. We look forward to this brand new and exciting collaboration, and once again, we welcome warmly EY, a firm that will offer a different and unique dimension in the career focused pillar of the Club.


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