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Pre-departure Events

With the anxious wait for A-Level results now over, the LSESU Malaysia Club warmly congratulates all who have successfully secured their place at LSE, and we hope you are excited to be joining a world leading institution! To greet the new incoming batch, LSESU Malaysia Club hosted 2 pre-departure events in the month of August. The first was the Pre-Departure Dinner, on the 22nd of August at Menara LGB, Selangor. The evening began with a networking session for all students: past, present and future. For many of the incoming students, it would be their first time meeting one another and a glimpse of many great friendships to come. This was the precise purpose of the dinner; to provide a friendly environment for students to meet their future peers and gather advice from seniors. Studying abroad can be a very daunting experience, which can be made more manageable with companions and ample preparation.

A delicious buffet dinner was later served, where conversation between the 100 or so attendees continued to flow. This was then followed by a number of informative society talks to expose the new students to the wide array of clubs and events they can be involved in. An interactive, ice breaking game of human bingo concluded the evening. We would like to thank our gold sponsors, Deloitte Malaysia, for their facilitation and great support of the Pre-Departure Dinner.

The next event on the agenda was the fun-filled Freshers’ Camp at Selesa Hillhomes Resort, Pahang which spanned 3 days and 2 nights. The goals of the camp were to allow friendships to be formed, prepare the freshers on beginning life as a student in London and of course, to have fun! Upon arrival, the students were split into the groups they’d be in for the weekend, with names ranging from cicak to paus. The teams then engaged in a number of team building games and activities; the X-Games, a pub quiz and the “Ping Pong Ball Challenge” to name a few. Encouraging a competitive atmosphere, many of the weekend’s activities carried points, which contributed to the team tallies.

A very entertaining sketch performance culminated the team activities, where the eventual winners of the camp were team Gajah. Besides the activities held, there was a Pre-Departure briefing held to provide the students with more information before heading to London. Halls of accommodation as well as phone companies were discussed in hopes of better preparing the new students for the different environment. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Malaysia LSE Alumni Society for their support, as well as our gold sponsor, Shell Malaysia, for providing an interesting case study for the students.


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