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Picnic at Hyde Park

As per tradition, LSESU MC hosted a picnic at the iconic Hyde Park for members of the society, bringing together those from various courses, years, and even nationalities! Due to a small hiccup with the weather (with forecasts predicting heavy rain throughout!), the picnic was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, a day which proved to be sunny and perfect for a picnic! The mood was cheery and the picnic, which kicked off in the morning, saw over a hundred guests in attendance. Frisbee and captain ball were amongst the various games played that day in an informal setting, inviting beginners and experts alike. Some of the players were previous winners of Malaysian Games’ events across the UK. Participants of the event were treated to free food, beginning with kuih from Malaysian Hall, as well as an assortment of other snacks. Pizza was then delivered to the park, piping hot, for the enjoyment of those in attendance. It was a great first event to mark the beginning of the new academic year and we at LSESU MC hope that everyone had an enjoyable time!

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