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Pre-departure Dinner

On the 26th of August, LSESU Malaysia Club held the anual Freshers Dinner 2015 in Menara Milenium, the office of EY. This dinner was aimed towards facilitating bonding between freshers, and to share information regarding LSE and living in London. We saw an attendance of 120 people, including seniors.

The dinner started with a short career insight from representatives of EY, namely Mr Notable alumni such as Ong Kian Ming, and others from student organisations including ICMS, MACFIS and GenCorp, also stepped up to share their experience and give handy advice to the freshers. A senior-junior interaction session followed, to allow freshers to get to know one another, and for seniors to answer any queries that they might have. The dinner ended on a high note with a massive photo-taking session with all the participants and guests.


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