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The Amazing Race 2015

On the 14th of March, the LSESU Malaysia Club hosted its 2015 edition of the Amazing Race. This is the 3rd year that the LSESU Malaysia Club organised the Amazing Race and this year, 14 teams of 3 to 5 members managed to secure a spot to race around London in hopes of snagging the cash prize of £80.

This year, teams were given a detour, choosing between going to the Tate Modern or Borough Market. At Tate Modern, teams were required to answer detailed questions based of the art pieces in the gallery. At Borough Market, teams had to undergo multiple taste tests, then locate the food item which they tasted in Borough Market.

A road block was also introduced this year where only 2 members are allowed to perform the task. The first half of the road block involved memory work and reciting the multiplication table, all while giving another team member a piggyback.

After completing 5 challenging tasks and solving 7 difficult clues, teams were finally led to the finish line at Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park.

And the winning teams for the Amazing Race 2015 are…

In 1st place: C R E A M B O Y S, total run time: 328 minutes*

2nd place by only 12 minutes: Team Heelarious, total run time: 340 minutes*

3rd place: Maroon 5, total run time: 400 minutes*

*all total times are after time bonuses and penalties A special thank you to all stationmasters! The Amazing Race 2015 could not have been done without you.

A video showing the highlights of the amazing race can be watched here


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