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The Amazing Race 2016

On the 12th of March, LSESUMC hosted one of its many annual flagship events, ‘The Amazing Race’. In this rendition teams were brought back to the past and were given the opportunity to take a glimpse into the history of London. With a total of 15 teams of 4 members per team, these teams raced around London in attempt to earn a portion of the £180 prize pool. From the British Museum all the way to Greenwich and ending at the Olympic Park, name a place in London and there’s a high chance that the teams visited that area. In comparison to the previous years, this year we based the whole race around a theme, ‘Blast to the Past’, whilst still including the iconic features of ‘The Amazing Race’ such as Detours, U-turns and Roadblocks.

The first task required teams to head their way to the British Museum, setting the theme for the following task. Roman Britain. Teams then had to stop by Tower Hill station. After wandering the streets in search of the six of many Roman Walls that were intact, teams were faced with a decision as the next task was the Detour. At the Detour, held in Greenwich Park, teams either had to assemble a Georgian outfit out of newspaper or recite several British nursery rhymes. As according to the real Amazing Race, the end of the Detour is always accompanied by the U-turn, where two teams were shattered once they found out they had to complete both tasks of the Detour. Upon racing to the Royal Observatory, a food task awaited the teams arrival. The food provided are seen as a delicacy to the locals, consisting of ‘jellied eels’ and ‘laver’, but to some of our fellow competitors, their views weren’t aligned. Nearing to the end of the race, teams were given their final task, the Roadblock. In contradiction to the standard Roadblock, this year we spiced up the Roadblock by making teams split themselves up into two teams of two and each team ought to complete each task given. On one hand, one half of the team had to transcribe a couple of lines in Olden English while on the other, the other half had to search the whole of Greenwich for an emblem that we sought after. Completing both tasks meant that teams were given the final clue, leading them to the pitstop at the Olympic Park, Stratford.

The top three teams were awarded with £80, £60 and £40 respectively and we would like to congratulate…

Team Vodka Squad in joint 1st place

Cheng Yee Meng in joint 1st place

Creamboys in 3rd place

A big thank you to all the volunteers and stationmasters for helping out with the event and also a huge thank you to all the participants, we hope you enjoyed yourself!

More pictures can be found here!

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