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Meet our sports teams and what they have achieved.




Ng Zer Jinn 

Volleyball Captain

Loves doggos and flowers. Needs to have rice at least once a week or else he will have a mental breakdown. Likes solving math problems so he can feel good about himself but cannot do readings to save his life.

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Syasya Aqilah

Netball Captain

Just a normal second-year student trying to survive university.

Hold the status of captaincy on the pitch, but a massive joker once out of it. Die-hard Liverpool FC fan with a non-existential hope of playing for them one day. Loves a casual football match, regardless of its competitiveness. In-charge of the football team for LSESU MSoc.

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Shamirren Elango

Football Captain

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Chuah Kee Kean

Frisbee Captain

Played frisbee since college and never stopped loving it. Hope more LSE Malaysians try out this sport!

Leon Ng Joo Keat 

Basketball Captain

Hello! My name is Leon and I am a second year Law student. Joining the Nottingham Games basketball team was as much a refreshing experience as a respite from the rigour of Law school. As it was my first time captaining a sports team, I learned a lot in the process. I hope to participate in more events in the future to make my university experience a memorable one.

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Khairul Ameruddin Bin Jemi


1st Runner-up at Nottingham Malaysian Games 2018

Edward Chai

Lightning Chess

2nd Runner-up at Nottingham Malaysian Games 2018

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